The latest assignment in my Digital Media class has been to create protagonist using only photographs and then use Final Cut Pro to convert the photos into a movie.

I really liked this assignment. I’ve always been a storyteller, so it was interesting to create a story knowing I could only use images. To me, the most important part of the project was having a protagonist, antagonist, conflict, action, and a resolution.

In this photo, my protagonist, my friend Grace, is calling her friends to see who can get together for dinner.

It was clear from the beginning that Grace was the protagonist because she was in the very first image.  After that, as conflict arose and action was taken, she remained the center of the story’s focus.

Working with my “models” was quite funny; they were usually over dramatized their facial expressions and body language when I reminded them that my story couldn’t have words. I suppose the biggest challenge we faced was to accomplish this without coming off too cheesy!