Wow. I’ve hardly used Photoshop, but I’m pretty happy with my full page advertisement.

This project presented a lot of personal challenge for me, since I’m pretty inexperienced in Photoshop. My favorite part of the project was creating a slogan for the product or company I chose. Once I decided that I was going to use Barnes and Noble as my company, I searched online for quotes about books until I found “A good book has no ending”, and then I thought of a slogan that would match that quote: “Find a new beginning”.

While creating my full page advertisement, the three tools I used most in Photoshop were the fill bucket, the text tool, and the deviation tool. Once I figured out how to get a photo onto my ad, I manipulated the size of the photo to fit within the dimensions.  I had previously changed the photo I shot to black and white specifically for this project.  Then, I worked with the fill bucket to fill the background and to change the colors of the fonts, which I placed in the ad with the text tool.  I used DaFont for the fonts.

I’m pleased with my final result, and am happy to have learned more about Photoshop in the process.