Our latest project for Digital Media has been to create a “beauty shot” for a real life product that would be appropriate for an advertising campaign.

My partner was Anastasia, and this is what we came up with:

We tried a lot of different shots and lighting setups before we took this photo. We used a key light to light up the Coca Cola bottle and my arm (I was the hand model!) and a hair light set up behind everything to create the glowing effect on the top of the bottle.

This was the best photo we took.  I’m really glad we chose to use a classic glass bottle of Coca Cola, rather than a aluminum can because we were able to create such an interesting, glowing effect on the glass.  Also, the product is clearly in focus, which makes it a good advertisement.

I enjoyed this shoot; there were a few issues to work out, but once everything was said and done, the final image we chose is a strong one.