This week my assignment for class was to take documentary style photographs of strangers.  The goal was to capture a moment of reality.  I took over a hundred photos, and in the end, this is the one that I like best:

This was taken on a whim.  I was walking to the library with my camera around my neck, and this girl passed by me in a hurry to get somewhere.  Without thinking, I took her picture and tried to catch up with her.  Later, when I went through all the photos I had taken, this one stood out to me.  I like that she is the only person in the shot and that the focus is on her.  I didn’t realize it at the time, but my aperture was set so that the background was slightly blurred.

I also chose this picture because she is standing in between two shadows- something I was lucky to catch.  In the other photos, she was in the dark and not the focus of the photo.  The lamp posts also create a kind of pattern that points to her.  Overall, I am very pleased with this photo.

This project was something new for me; I’ve never been one to walk around with my camera and take pictures of strangers.  Well, I did in Italy, but there I had the excuse of being a tourist.  On campus, it felt awkward to discretely survey everyone around me.

Another obstacle I faced was the weather.  It was so cold!  On the day that I could shoot, hardly anybody wanted to venture outside into the windy weather.  Most of the people I was able to photograph walked alone, huddled in jackets and hats, walking quickly past me.  A lot of my images turned out darker than expected because I had to use a higher shutter speed than normal.

I can’t wait for my next project!