As an assignment for my Digital Media Convergence class, my classmates and I shared photos of people, landscapes, and products. For my assignment today, I have chosen one of those images I think is the most visually appealing.

After going through all the photos, this is the one that stuck with me:

I find this image shocking. At first glance, one’s eye goes immediately to the young girl in the foreground holding a cigarette between her fingers. Her posture and expression convey that she is indifferent; this cigarette isn’t an uncommon object to her. She even seems unimpressed by the man on stilts behind her, although her companion looks mesmerized.

The girl with the cigarette is meant to be the focal point of the piece, even though something more “interesting” is going on behind her. The photographer opened up his aperture for this shot so the man on stilts would be nothing more than something in the background.

Also, I believe the photo is enhanced by the fact it is in black and white. The girl’s white dress stands out in her dark gray and black surroundings.

I wish I knew who photographed this.  I’d be interested in seeing his or her other work.  Does anybody know?