For my final project, I opted to create a stop motion film.  Here’s the final product:

This took so much time and effort to make and I’m extremely happy with the way it turned out, considering that I’ve never done anything like it before.

After taking Digital Media Convergence, I think that learning to use Final Cut Pro was the most helpful.  It not only helped me create my final project, but I’m positive I will be using it again in the future for other projects throughout college and possibly in my future career.  I’ve come to enjoy editing videos, even though it is a lengthy process!  The class overall was very beneficial and I’m excited to take more communications courses.


I really had fun making a silent movie this week.  I partnered with Michiya again, and we were able to get the same actors from our last video to be in this one so it’s sort of a sequel.

Brian Brian and Olivia got to go on their first date!

This project reminded me of the photo story project because the actors couldn’t speak.  For this reason, we had to make sure Jack and Elliot were really melodramatic with their acting so their emotions would be well conveyed in the final video.  They were a pleasure to direct… I hope I can work with them again in the future!

For this project, Michiya English and I created a parody of dating advertisements.  We interviewed two customers for the website “I’mDesperate.Com”: Brian Brian, played by Jack Utrata, is a complete jerk and Olivia, played by Elliot Miranda, is a sweetheart looking for love in the wrong place.

The interviews were really fun because we gave Jack and Elliot creative control of their characters.  Michiya and I decided what the characters would be like, but they ultimately decided what to say so it was still like a real interview.

We hit a few filming obstacles on the way, like finding a place to shoot, but it was all worth it in the end because Jack and Olivia were so funny!

The latest assignment in my Digital Media class has been to create protagonist using only photographs and then use Final Cut Pro to convert the photos into a movie.

I really liked this assignment. I’ve always been a storyteller, so it was interesting to create a story knowing I could only use images. To me, the most important part of the project was having a protagonist, antagonist, conflict, action, and a resolution.

In this photo, my protagonist, my friend Grace, is calling her friends to see who can get together for dinner.

It was clear from the beginning that Grace was the protagonist because she was in the very first image.  After that, as conflict arose and action was taken, she remained the center of the story’s focus.

Working with my “models” was quite funny; they were usually over dramatized their facial expressions and body language when I reminded them that my story couldn’t have words. I suppose the biggest challenge we faced was to accomplish this without coming off too cheesy!

We’ve just made personal websites in Digital Media Convergence class.  I was really excited about this project because it’s something I’ve always wanted to do.  I centered my website around my writing.  I’ve written a couple of novels, and I wanted to showcase one of them, Jane’s Air, for prospective agents.

I chose a really simple layout for my website because I didn’t want it to be overwhelming.  The pink background, teal bar, and header are on every page to create continuity.  Everything is easy to read, and the images I used are high quality.

I really like my website.  I’ve never done anything like this before, so it was interesting to learn how a design on paper is transferred online.  I have a new found respect for web designers!  Hopefully I can buy my domain name and keep my website permanently!  In the future, I can see myself expanding the website and having my personal blog feed on the site so everything is in one place.

Wow. I’ve hardly used Photoshop, but I’m pretty happy with my full page advertisement.

This project presented a lot of personal challenge for me, since I’m pretty inexperienced in Photoshop. My favorite part of the project was creating a slogan for the product or company I chose. Once I decided that I was going to use Barnes and Noble as my company, I searched online for quotes about books until I found “A good book has no ending”, and then I thought of a slogan that would match that quote: “Find a new beginning”.

While creating my full page advertisement, the three tools I used most in Photoshop were the fill bucket, the text tool, and the deviation tool. Once I figured out how to get a photo onto my ad, I manipulated the size of the photo to fit within the dimensions.  I had previously changed the photo I shot to black and white specifically for this project.  Then, I worked with the fill bucket to fill the background and to change the colors of the fonts, which I placed in the ad with the text tool.  I used DaFont for the fonts.

I’m pleased with my final result, and am happy to have learned more about Photoshop in the process.

Our latest project for Digital Media has been to create a “beauty shot” for a real life product that would be appropriate for an advertising campaign.

My partner was Anastasia, and this is what we came up with:

We tried a lot of different shots and lighting setups before we took this photo. We used a key light to light up the Coca Cola bottle and my arm (I was the hand model!) and a hair light set up behind everything to create the glowing effect on the top of the bottle.

This was the best photo we took.  I’m really glad we chose to use a classic glass bottle of Coca Cola, rather than a aluminum can because we were able to create such an interesting, glowing effect on the glass.  Also, the product is clearly in focus, which makes it a good advertisement.

I enjoyed this shoot; there were a few issues to work out, but once everything was said and done, the final image we chose is a strong one.

Out of all the photos my small group took on Sunday in the studio, this arrangement was one of my favorites.  We played around with lighting for awhile and this shot has two lights: a key light and a hair light.

I like their casual positions and expressions, as well as the fact that they stand out from the background.  We made the lighting soft by bouncing it off of gold reflectors and umbrellas, which made the final result more attractive.  There aren’t any harsh shadows, besides over the right model’s hair, caused by her bangs.  Besides that, I think they are both well lit.

Although the lighting is soft, I still think the photo is dramatic with such a dark backdrop.  This photo really seems like the best of both worlds.

This week my assignment for class was to take documentary style photographs of strangers.  The goal was to capture a moment of reality.  I took over a hundred photos, and in the end, this is the one that I like best:

This was taken on a whim.  I was walking to the library with my camera around my neck, and this girl passed by me in a hurry to get somewhere.  Without thinking, I took her picture and tried to catch up with her.  Later, when I went through all the photos I had taken, this one stood out to me.  I like that she is the only person in the shot and that the focus is on her.  I didn’t realize it at the time, but my aperture was set so that the background was slightly blurred.

I also chose this picture because she is standing in between two shadows- something I was lucky to catch.  In the other photos, she was in the dark and not the focus of the photo.  The lamp posts also create a kind of pattern that points to her.  Overall, I am very pleased with this photo.

This project was something new for me; I’ve never been one to walk around with my camera and take pictures of strangers.  Well, I did in Italy, but there I had the excuse of being a tourist.  On campus, it felt awkward to discretely survey everyone around me.

Another obstacle I faced was the weather.  It was so cold!  On the day that I could shoot, hardly anybody wanted to venture outside into the windy weather.  Most of the people I was able to photograph walked alone, huddled in jackets and hats, walking quickly past me.  A lot of my images turned out darker than expected because I had to use a higher shutter speed than normal.

I can’t wait for my next project!

As an assignment for my Digital Media Convergence class, my classmates and I shared photos of people, landscapes, and products. For my assignment today, I have chosen one of those images I think is the most visually appealing.

After going through all the photos, this is the one that stuck with me:

I find this image shocking. At first glance, one’s eye goes immediately to the young girl in the foreground holding a cigarette between her fingers. Her posture and expression convey that she is indifferent; this cigarette isn’t an uncommon object to her. She even seems unimpressed by the man on stilts behind her, although her companion looks mesmerized.

The girl with the cigarette is meant to be the focal point of the piece, even though something more “interesting” is going on behind her. The photographer opened up his aperture for this shot so the man on stilts would be nothing more than something in the background.

Also, I believe the photo is enhanced by the fact it is in black and white. The girl’s white dress stands out in her dark gray and black surroundings.

I wish I knew who photographed this.  I’d be interested in seeing his or her other work.  Does anybody know?